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My Immortal

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Second journal of _alassea_

[+]Credit _alassea_ or alassea_icons
[+]Please comment if taking
[+]No hotlinking!!
[+]Feel free to friend alassea_icons
[+]Do not claim any of my arts as yours or edit them (textless icons are not bases, bases will be stated as such!)
[+]Nomming is great, but please tell me when and where :)


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Fonts: Some from DaFONT and usual fonts of Windows
Brushes: Shanti, crumblingwalls, ohpaintbrush, jeweledicecream,teh_indy, Thia, chouchoune, fuse_graphics, hotoko, miggy, 77words, sir, leggyslove and Falling Night, the others from the ordinary PS CS list.
Caps: cap_it
Pictures: thephotobox
Textures: teh_indy, fragile_silver, pessimistchick, _synebgy, oxoniensis, lunarepublica, adoralina, jubilli, wonton_graphics, 10000_pixels, colorfilter, tre-xture
Gradients: oxoniensis